How to shop in Japan if you’re NOT a size zero.

20141226_143304Recently I read somewhere that the average size of an American woman had been updated to size 16. If there are problems finding your size back home, imagine shopping in Asia. I remember walking through endless shops in Manila, Philippines and throwing up my hands in frustration. I would sometimes see a larger woman on the streets of Tokyo and wonder to myself if she would be offended if I asked her where she shopped for clothes? In Japan, shopping for sizes for the big and tall can leave you feeling like you’re on a wild goose chase. I hope that some of these links will help you in your search.

  • Next UK store Locations
    • I absolutely love this store. They sell a mix of casual and business clothes for trendy, modern women. The pricing is reasonable (Think: Zara, The Gap).  I seem to have the best luck at their Yokohama shop next to Sakuragicho Station, which always seems to have a great sale rack set up. Sizes range from 2-18, shoes up to 25 (narrow feet). Their website seems to have a lot more options as well for ordering, although I have yet to try it. This shop is definitely my “New York and Company” away from America.
  • As Know As (Pinky) 
    • This shop is usually found in a department store or shopping mall setting. They have the “free size” system. Most of their clothing is loose fitting and meant for all. Think the baggy type of clothing a smaller person would need to belt for fashion sake.
  • Uniqlo and GU
    • Two shops from the same company, like the Japanese equivalent of The Gap and Old Navy in America. They carry XL in-store and have larger sizes available for some clothes on their website.
  • Honeys and Culture Club
    • Another shop with “free size” and XL. Usually found in shopping malls and department stores. Less options for bigger girls here, but I have had really good luck with sweaters and cardigans. Just dont plan on buttoning them!
  • Oriental Traffic
    • Shoes! This is the only reasonably priced shop I have found that carries anything above size 25. They carry up to…….26!  As a 25.5 wide, I know how frustrating it can be. I wait for my trips home to desperately scour the malls for any shoes I might bring back to Japan.

More to come as I find them.  Any suggestions? I’d love to add them to the list! For now I have only listed tried and tested shops I continue to use regularly.

Good luck, shoppers!


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  1. Haha me too . I often want to ask some Japanese women where they shop! With the extra large fashion now I was able to buy some trousers this year I think it was from Honeys in Kyoto.

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